A Summer in the Hope Machine

Loads of news since my last blog, including a quarter final placement in The Nicholl Fellowship, the single biggest boost to my self-belief since I entered this crazy world. However, this post is about my summer spent in what’s been dubbed The Hope Machine… That world of consultants and coverage services in L.A that provideContinue reading “A Summer in the Hope Machine”

My first final – and an 18 month progress report

It’s been an interesting few weeks since my last blog, I’ve made the final of a big Coverfly competition and passed the 18 month mark as an aspiring screenwriter. Let’s do a brief recap of my journey so far… 0-6 months – Clueless Newbie. (Warning… offensively bad writing ahead) It is incredible to me thatContinue reading “My first final – and an 18 month progress report”

My first competition placing! (And some Channel 4 disappointment)

A mixed week in my screenwriting journey, but first a story from my murky, troubled past. I don’t believe I have gone public with this story before… I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember the bone chilling fear and the adrenaline rush as my human survival system kicked in. The room was dark.Continue reading “My first competition placing! (And some Channel 4 disappointment)”

7 brilliant tips from script readers

Apologies for the click-baity title. I’ve read an article about how placing a number at the start of your blog title vastly improves clicks. It lets the reader know how much of their time they’ll need to invest. I almost went peak click-bait with ‘You won’t believe what Todd from Neighbours looks like now!!’ ,Continue reading “7 brilliant tips from script readers”

Is social media killing democracy? (And a trip to the Rhondda)

‘Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own Government.’ That’s Thomas Jefferson. It’s a nice, inarguable idea. You cannot trust an ignorant population with a democracy. Or, to rephrase it slightly: If you wanna have a democracy, you MUST make sure everyone is educated, and the children of poorer peopleContinue reading “Is social media killing democracy? (And a trip to the Rhondda)”

A Beautifully Constructed Savaging

This week, an important moment in my development as a writer. A moment I have been waiting for since I tapped out the opening slug line of my first script last year. It may prove to be a huge turning point in my career. I’ve had my very first savaging. Receiving professional script coverage reportsContinue reading “A Beautifully Constructed Savaging”