7 brilliant tips from script readers

Apologies for the click-baity title. I’ve read an article about how placing a number at the start of your blog title vastly improves clicks. It lets the reader know how much of their time they’ll need to invest. I almost went peak click-bait with ‘You won’t believe what Todd from Neighbours looks like now!!’ ,Continue reading “7 brilliant tips from script readers”

Is social media killing democracy? (And a trip to the Rhondda)

‘Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own Government.’ That’s Thomas Jefferson. It’s a nice, inarguable idea. You cannot trust an ignorant population with a democracy. Or, to rephrase it slightly: If you wanna have a democracy, you MUST make sure everyone is educated, and the children of poorer peopleContinue reading “Is social media killing democracy? (And a trip to the Rhondda)”

A Beautifully Constructed Savaging

This week, an important moment in my development as a writer. A moment I have been waiting for since I tapped out the opening slug line of my first script last year. It may prove to be a huge turning point in my career. I’ve had my very first savaging. Receiving professional script coverage reportsContinue reading “A Beautifully Constructed Savaging”