Phil Hamer

I’m a fortysomething man with an upside down head and a passion for fitness and nutrition (as well as screenwriting, obviously). My adult life has followed a nicely ‘decade-partitioned’ pattern, i.e. in my twenties I had a boring office job, in my thirties I was a self-employed personal trainer and nutrition advisor, and in my forties thus far I have worked in IT. However, I am still hoping that my forties become the decade, when looking back on it from old age, that I became a screenwriter!

I shall be endeavouring to blog on a fortnightly basis (‘HAH!’ – every other blogger). I will write technical stuff about structure (the area in which I need most work; I’ve currently got inciting incidents in third acts and Dark-Nights-Of-The-Soul in my setups), about competition fails, about my chosen methods of motivation and ultimately… one day… I hope to write about things such as ‘Zoom General Meetings’ or ‘Competition Shortlistings’. If you’d like to follow my journey, stay tuned!

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